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As a food and beverage professional, it’s your mission to create products that consumers demand. We’re here to help with research, resources and the facilities that can enable you to tap into the consumer trends of today – and tomorrow.

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We use the latest data sources to monitor trends and new product launches across all food and drink categories. At the same time, our research covers all the different regions in which we operate, enabling us to create solutions tailored to local consumers.

The new sweet spot
More and more, consumers are seeking alternatives to caloric sweeteners. In fact, 75% of Americans say they are cutting back on foods higher in added sugar, while 83% say they are trying to lose or maintain weight. 1However, taste remains the top driver of food and beverage purchase decisions. 2With its unmatched sugar-like taste and zero calories, SPLENDA® Sucralose can help hit the new sweet spot of good health and great taste.

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State of Sweeteners Report
A look at what’s impacting sweetener usage today, and in the future

Three insights to food and beverage product success
Our free e-book can help with key insights on product customisation, consumer tastes and supplier partnerships.

2014 Global Beverage Trends
See where beverage tastes are heading.

Top-Ten Food Trends

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Tate & Lyle Beverage Overview

North America

1International Food Information Council Foundation, 2013 Food and Health Study
2Roper Reports Worldwide