Exceptional Stability

Exceptional stability

Retaining sweetness 

Shelf-life studies have demonstrated that products sweetened with SPLENDA® Sucralose retain their sweetness throughout extended periods of storage.
Independent studies have also shown that the flavour characteristics of soft drinks sweetened with SPLENDA® Sucralose as the predominant sweetener will age in a similar way to a full-sugar product.

This contrasts sharply with drinks employing less stable sweeteners. In these cases the critical flavour-to-sweetness balance can be upset as a sweetener degrades. This can lead to the early development of undesirable off-flavours.

Studies conducted using model solutions, comprising 1% SPLENDA® Sucralose in aqueous buffer systems, have confirmed that the breakdown of SPLENDA® Sucralose is solely by slow hydrolysis and that no further degradation products are formed. In terms of taste, the breakdown of SPLENDA® Sucralose is characterised only by a slow loss of sweetness with no associated development of off-flavours.

Chart I: Stability of SPLENDA® Sucralose

Chart I: Stability of SPLENDA® Sucralose 

The chart on the left shows the degree to which SPLENDA® Sucralose hydrolysis occurs during storage at 20ºC under different pH conditions; and illustrates the stability of SPLENDA® Sucralose in acidic conditions.

At pH 3, less than 0.2% SPLENDA® Sucralose is lost after 6 months, while no significant change occurs at pH 4, 6 and 7. The two tables below further demonstrate the superior stability of SPLENDA® Sucralose in colas as well as aqueous solutions.

Process Stability

The stability of SPLENDA® Sucralose during food and beverage manufacture has been confirmed by a series of processing trials, covering the main processes used in the food industry.

Generally, the trials were conducted using industrial equipment and in all cases, analysis of the samples confirmed that no measurable loss of SPLENDA® Sucralose had occurred during processing (See table – SPLENDA® Sucralose stability during food manufacturing processes).

A detailed programme of work was also undertaken to assess the stability of SPLENDA® Sucralose in baked products. Three different products were chosen to reflect the diverse baking conditions used in industrial production, and again, analysis of the products demonstrated that no measurable loss of SPLENDA® Sucralose had occurred during the preparation of these food products:

  • Sponge cake cooked at 180°C for 25 minutes
  • Cookies baked at 210°C for 8 minutes
  • Crackers baked at 230°C for 4 minutes.



From a theoretical standpoint, SPLENDA® Sucralose would be expected to be unreactive (apart from slow acid hydrolysis), and this is borne out in practice.

A variety of food products have been stored for prolonged periods without loss of sweetness or the development of off-flavours. Furthermore, specific studies have confirmed that SPLENDA® Sucralose will not undergo reactions with any commonly used food ingredients.