Fresh from the Kitchen

Fresh from the Kitchen

Tate & Lyle’s culinary kitchen: where science and taste meet 

The difference we bring to the table
‘To understand how a culture eats is to understand how a culture lives’, says Justin Kanthak, Manager of Culinary Development at Tate & Lyle. ‘Because of the significance food has to our society, we take it very seriously, and it’s this passion that shines through in everything the culinary team does’.

With deep culinary knowledge firmly rooted in science, Tate & Lyle’s culinary team has an unlimited capacity for sparking new inspiration in food. As Kanthak says, ‘We use our expertise in ingredients as a launching pad, but it’s our culinary perspective that can lead to a new way of thinking, where truly groundbreaking ideas can emerge.’

Cooking up innovation
Culinary capabilities are a key part of the SPLENDA® Sucralose PLUS PROGRAMME, a customisable offering that helps food and beverage companies identify opportunities, improve processes and bring healthier, better-tasting and more profitable products to market. Tate & Lyle’s three executive chefs hold dual degrees in food science and culinary arts, and they use this specialised insight to bridge the gap between the science and art of great taste.

Culinary dexterity meets ingredient agility
Our high-performance culinary team has coached many premier food and beverage companies across the globe through various formulation obstacles.

Operating at our Commercial and Food Innovation Centre at Hoffman Estates near Chicago, Illinois (USA), the culinary team broadens Tate & Lyle’s vision and scope, enabling us to provide innovative solutions to our customers catered to today’s trends. Our large, collaborative kitchen facility includes 14 high-definition video cameras that enable video streaming, so we can work together with you and your team, no matter where you’re located.

‘Whether our clients are in R&D, procurement or marketing, we support them from idea to plate’, Kanthak says.

And whether the obstacles are being solved chef-to-chef, chef-to-scientist or chef-to-supplier, Tate & Lyle’s approach is definitely hands-on.

The difference we bring to the table
‘Ultimately, our belief is that we can create better food’, says Kanthak.

Whether it’s reducing calories or adding fibre, Kanthak is ‘proud to be helping fulfill the vision at Tate & Lyle of becoming one of the leading speciality food ingredients companies in the world’.

Keeping taste at the centre of food and beverage innovation, Tate & Lyle’s culinary team helps customers develop products that are going to satisfy consumers’ increasing demand for health, convenience, value and taste. As Kanthak simply states, ‘It is our goal for consumers to eat our food, enjoy it and make a connection with it so that they keep on coming back for more’.