A leading non-sugar, zero-calorie sweetener

SPLENDA® Sucralose is a leading non-sugar, zero-calorie sweetener, trusted in the development of more than 5,000 products in over 80 countries because it has a sugar-like taste profile.


SPLENDA® Sucralose product characteristics:

  • Has approximately 600 times the sweetening power of sugar
  • Maintains its sweetness over a long shelf life
  • Is exceptionally stable during a wide variety of manufacturing processes
  • Has received approval from regulatory authorities around the world
  • Works well in a broad range of food and beverage systems, including low-pH environments and in the presence of live cultures
  • Creates sweetness synergies with many nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners
Typical usage levels

Typical usage levels

Seamless Integration

A key to the versatility of SPLENDA® Sucralose is its ability to integrate seamlessly with other high-potency sweeteners as well as nutritive sweeteners, creating lower calorie or lower cost products for you and your consumers.

SPLENDA® Sucralose can be used to replace the sweetness provided by nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners in virtually all food products. However, due to its intense sweetness, only very low levels are required. Therefore, sucralose does not give the bulk or textural characteristics that sugar provides in products such as confectionery, baked products or ice cream.

Stimulating with  splenda sucralose
Typical dosage levels

There is a wide variation in conditions of use and regulatory requirements in various countries. Please contact us if you want to know what conditions are applicable in your market.