Formulating with SPLENDA® Sucralose

Formulating with SPLENDA® Sucralose

Every batch of sucralose starts with table sugar (sucrose). It's then processed to create sucralose, 600 times sweeter, but with none of the calories.

Here are some examples of the flexibility of SPLENDA® Sucralose in formulations and processing.



  • Excellent taste profile
  • Blends well with other sweeteners
  • Can be used in low-pH formulas without stability concerns
  • Potential cost savings when replacing sugars


  • Excellent taste profile
  • Stable in near-neutral-pH products and during fermentation
  • Not affected by live microorganisms


  • Versatility in production
  • Can be added during any stage of the process due to excellent stability
  • Provides long-lasting sweetness in chewing gum

Pharmaceutical/Over the Counter (OTC)

  • No interaction with other commonly used ingredients
  • Can be used to mask the taste of actives